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In first grade, students build on the reading, writing, listening, and speaking that they practiced in kindergarten. As in kindergarten, these units include a section devoted to the CCSS reading foundations. While not a comprehensive reading program, this pacing guide provides guidance for instruction in print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics, word recognition, fluency and some of the writing and language skills. Students should enter first grade with basic decoding skills and familiarity with a range of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. As their reading and writing skills become more advanced, they begin to apply their knowledge to new topics and situations. are exposed to a rich variety “read-aloud” stories, nonfiction, and poems, including stories about animals, fables and other life lessons, stories and nonfiction accounts about contributors to America, multicultural versions of the “Cinderella” tale, and more. They have opportunities to draw interesting connections between literature and other subjects: for example, in the unit “Winds of Change,” they consider changes in nature as well as changes in characters’ feelings. They explore the arts throughout the year: in one unit they look at paintings by Matisse, and in another they compare masks from around the world. They start to produce writing—journal entries, brief descriptions, opinion pieces, and stories—and to collaborate on simple research projects (such as finding out about an animal). They learn to create short books with a table of contents and numbered pages. By the end of first grade, they are able to sound out and recognize many one-syllable and multisyllabic words, and they have a strong repertoire of sight words.

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Common Core Curriculum Maps- Grade 1

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Reading Foundations (1: Units 1-3)
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